Maria is the birth of beauty in the human soul. -  Buddy Winston, writer

Welcome to Maria's world of beauty, elegance and sophistication. Whether it is your
social engagement or management of your estate/household, Maria will provide you with
her professional and enthusiastic guide in the universe of finesse.

Maria Erdman spent most of her life in Europe in the international aristocratic and jet set environment. She lived an elegant lifestyle unimaginable for most of people. Her main
activity was hosting social events.

Maria is a world class socialite, Sommelier, dressage equestrian, model, actress, food maven and connoisseuse, international public relations expert, interior designer, art and antiques' lover, entrepreneur, bonnevivante and a lady of eclectic, cosmopolitan tastes.

She was identified as the most elegant woman in Rome by the national newspaper "La Repubblica".

Today Maria is focusing on using her experience, talent and passion to enhance the lives
of American people who appreciate elegance and sophisticated style.