Lisa Sotils

“revelation of the influential power of the Greek myth”

Salvatore Quasimodo, Nobel Prize in Literature


Essence of the Hellenic, inspired by the elements, Lisa's Sotilis art is a powerful allegory of the fusion of birth and separation, expressed as a never-ending metamorphoses.

Giorgio de Chirico's youngest and most trusted assistant, as she was the only one authorized by the Master of the Metaphysical Art Movement, to retouch his waxes before casting. Lisa's international debut took place in the Berlin Museum, where the 16 years old artist was presented by the renowned professor Jannasch, as an enfant prodige. In that occasion Lisa met Alexander Iolas, the world leading art dealer, who immediately offered her an exclusive contract and presented her to all his top galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Madrid, Geneva, Athens and Rome. and placed her among “the big ones” of the last century: Andy Warhol, Rene Magritte, Salvator Dali, de Chirico, Tingely, Matta and others.

Lisa's first client was Salvador Dali, who before the official opening of her first show at the Iolas Gallery in New York, purchased for his wife Gala, two of Lisa's large gold art creations. Her second client was Giorgio de Chirico. However, Lisa's greatest fan was Andy Warhol, as well as the unforgettable Rudy Nureyev, Margot Fontayn, Warren Avis, Herman and Mimie Lay, Mitzi Newhouse, Nathan and Johan Cummings. Soon the crème de la crème of the international jet set joined the group. Among them Claudia Cardinale, Roland Petit and Zizi Jeanmere, Mimie Lay, Bruno and Kikka Pagliai, Madame Schlumberger, big ship owners and bankers like Stratis and Dorette Andreadis, Maria and Georges Empirìcos, industrialists like Alemagna, Rizzoli and the Borlotti families, the last Queen of Italy, Her Majesty Maria Josè, the Royal Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy, Her Majesty the Empress of Iran, Farah Diba, the Royal Princess Munira al Saud and many other notables.

The famous Alexander Iolas said: in every country you find very few special painters and sculptors, but Lisa is unique and ubiquitous...the One and Only... .

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